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HI I’m Jody Paar!

Welcome to my website! I am so happy you are here!

I give all glory to God because I honestly wouldn't be here today if not for the prayers that went up for me.

I am a survivor of Human Trafficking, Trauma, Sexual, Mental, Physical Abuse and Suicide.

I know what it is like to be in a dark hole and feel like you're not living just existing. I know what's it's like to want to take your life because what is the use of your life anyway? I know what it is like to be mentally paralyzed by fear. When I say I understand I do. The good news is I am not my past and God has given me a beautiful future!  I love sharing my Testimony to inspire and encourage others to keep going!



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Nicole’s story:

I’ve had other transformation experiences with coaches in the past but nothing cleansed my spirit the way Jody’s break through prayer did. She took me on a spiritual awakening that helped my heart reveal insights that I hadn’t ever experienced or seen before! For the first time ever I was able to release some extremely painful stories that I didn’t even know were holding me back. Whether this is your first time seeking transformation or whether you’ve tried other coaches in the past, this is for you if you are ready to release the pain and the limiting beliefs to step into your greatness!



Pat Philadelphia, PA
Hello. Earlier this year,  I met Jody Paar from a mutual group.  I found out about Jody’s book and couldn’t wait to read it.  Well, it did not disappoint!  I could not put the book down and read it in one day!!  I spoke to Jody on the phone a little while after that.  She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  During one of our talks, Jody offered to do a break through prayer.  I didn’t take her up on it at first and it went out of my mind.  Another time we spoke, she reminded me I could still have a break through prayer.  Soon after that, I reached out to Jody and asked if we could set up a time to do the prayer.  I am so glad I did the prayer.  I had been holding on to things for years.  I was mad at people for things they did to me back when I was a little girl, I’m now 54!  As Jody did the prayer with me, I could feel the weight of the world lift from me.  Holding on to that anger was hurting me, not them.  I recommend everyone do this.  It will free you so you can move on.
Emily Nashville, TN
If you  told me that I would be where I am today I’d laugh in your face, or that I would’ve trusted someone with the secrets of my heart I would think you were insane. However, here I am with my life completely changed by the most beautiful measures I’ve ever experienced. Before I had my breakthrough prayer the light of day seemed to be a long forgotten experience. Going through the prayer reveals itself as your beacon in the night . A break through prayer isn’t just a prayer with jody ; the prayer is a guided tour through the doors you’ve deadbolted, the dreams you’ve silenced, and the fears you’ve etched into your soul. How lovely it is to be set free! I implore you to take the chance on this journey, and set yourself free as well. The light, I have found was never around me , but within.
Elizabeth Philadelphia, PA
I do not know if I have words to express the magnitude of appreciation, gratitude, and love that I have in my heart for Jody Paar. I have been blessed by God for putting her in my path, and me in hers. Today Jody took the time to do a breakthrough prayer with me for healing and forgiveness. The Peace I have gained and the FREEDOM, of having the chains of pain and fear and loss REMOVED from me, by the feels like anchors have been taken off of my shoulders, that I didn't even know I was carrying. Healing is truly possible through the power of forgiveness, and Jody is a Divine instrument of the Creator. I have done a lot of energy work for healing, but what I received today from God, was nothing short of Miraculous. Light, Love and Gratitude