HI I’m Jody Paar!

In 2017, Jody and her husband moved to Nashville, Tennessee. In her opinion, that move was the best decision they had made. A few months later in February 2018, Jody met Forbes Riley who said the words "no comfort zone". Once Jody heard those words, she has been unstoppable. Jody wrote and developed in two months, B.O.S.S. Break Out Silent Soldier that is her true story of escaping human trafficking. B.O.S.S. was released in May 2018 at the New York Book Expo. Within a few days of launching, B.O.S.S. became an international #1 Best Seller. Jody also spoke on stage at the 2018 International Book Expo about breaking your silence and moving past your fear. Jody is inspiring people across the world through her books and her message of survival. Jody speaks on stages inspiring thousands to keep going even when you want to quit. Jody said she could have been killed but survived to tell her story. She wants to be a voice for so many who have no voice, who are currently held captive. She is fighting for them all as a warrior, and soldier of God.

Jody's business, "Bling Life" will be a nonprofit to support other organizations fighting human trafficking. She now knows Bling Life will be sparkling up other lives.

Jody refuses to allow failure, guilt, or any emotion stop her ever again. Nothing is impossible. The word "Impossible" really means "I'm Possible". To every person who sys "You Can't", I just proved you can because I did!

So follow your dreams and never give up!