HI I’m Jody Paar!

Jody Paar is a certified life coach, keynote speaker, two-time International best-selling author, and podcaster, who speaks healing into the lives of men and women held captive by fear. She shares her “faith over fear” mentally to help others break free. Through her own incredible story of surviving human trafficking, trauma, sexual, mental, and physical abuse, and suicide she proves that it is possible to survive AND to thrive. She is an advocate for Human Trafficking to help save lives through awareness that she shares.

Growing up in a loving family in the South, Jody was the epitome of the saying: “There are no strangers, only friends I haven’t spoken to yet.” But as a teenager, her child like trust led her down a dangerous path of self-destruction. A series of decisions forced her into a life of untold abuse and pain. Haunted by shame and guilt and at her lowest point following her father’s death in 2007, she believes God met her there.

Fast-forward 13+ years and Jody’s life a testament to her miraculous transformation. She has been married to her soulmate, Jim, since 2009. She received acclaim for her best-selling self-help memoir, “B.O.S.S. (Break Out Silent Soldier)”. The second in the series, “Break Out Silent Sinner”, also became a Best Seller in 2020

She has shared the coaching platform with the legendary Tim Storey. Jody is a global influencer in sharing her ministry around the world through weekly inspiration and devotionals. Through her coaching Jody loves to watch God transform the lives of her clients. Jody knows that God rescued her so she can rescue others. She is an expert panel member for the “Speak Up and Empower” global community.

Jody also hosts a podcast where she empowers globally to get free from the pain of the past and live a victorious life. Here, she shares the brave stories of fellow survivors breaking the silence of fear.

In 2020 Jody started “Boss Nation” A strong group of Human Trafficking survivors on fire for God and trail blazing to make a change in the world.

In 2021 Jody became part of a Human Trafficking Global Campaign where she is on the advisory board and heads up the United States Survivors Communication Platform.

Jody lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is madly in love with her husband and two little dogs. Together the Paar’s own several successful businesses.